Russian Murder Over Poetry vs Prose

The Guardian has reported that a 53 year-old former teacher murdered his friend following a dispute over whether poetry or prose was better, in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region.

Clearly, the emotion evoked by the great writers of the world can sometimes simply be too overwhelming.

The incident came only four months after a man was shot dead in a grocery store in southern Russia, following an argument over the theories of 18th century philosopher, Immanuel Kant.

Here’s a selection of culturally inspired tunes to remind you that it’s important to know your Sartre from your Sade.

1. Kant Truss It * Public Enemy

2. Popper Don’t Preach * Madonna

3. Wild Horses * JK Rowling Stones

4. Schopenhauer Deep Is Your Love * Bee Gees

5. My Dickens * Mickey Avalon

6. Foucault Da Police * N.W.A (Nagel’s With Attitude)

7. Hey Boy Hegel * The Chemical Brothers

8. Push Kin * Salt-N-Pepa

9. Walk On The Wilde Side * Lou Reed

10. Harlem Shakespeare * Baauer (sorry, had to be done)


2 thoughts on “Russian Murder Over Poetry vs Prose

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