Easter Bake * Meringues

The bank holiday weekend is over folks. However, there’s no need to despair with these sugary delights in sight.


What goes in

4 egg whites

225g unrefined golden caster sugar

Food dye

Yummy things to add:

Cream, berries, chocolate.

What to do

1. Tun the oven on to 120°c

2. Mix egg whites in a clean bowl with an electric whisk until they form stiff peaks. Mix in the sugar one spoon at a time at slow speed.

3. Spoon dollops of mix onto a lined baking tray.

4. Dip a skewer into red (or colour of choice) food dye and swirl into each dollop.

5. Cook for 1 hour/until dry. Turn the oven off but leave the meringues in to dry them out more.

6. Serve with whipped cream and fresh summer berries as mini pavlovas. Alternatively, if you want to use up those Easter eggs, dip the meringues in melted chocolate and leave to cool/eat hot.


Rub half a lemon on the bowl and whisk before you start to make sure they are grease free. If not the egg whites won’t whisk!

meringueswAlice Kirk


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